About Me

My name is Intan Nur Anum. I have an awesome husband and 2 cute daughters. I used to work at schools, tuition centers, a legal firm and a university. I quitted my job 2 months before my wedding day to become a housewife and my colleagues thought I would regret it. Trust me, there are many things I have learned from quitting my job, but regret is not one of them. 

I believe I am a pessimist. I always expect the worst. This way, at least if things really did go wrong, I wouldn`t be too disappointed, because I  was expecting them to happen. I have a strong character and I like to voice out my opinions. I don't claim that I have answers to everything but I can share my stories and opinions to let you know that you are not alone out there. 

Our kids are different so stop comparing them. 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree' isn't always the case when it comes to kids and their parents. The ways I raise my child are mostly based on my instincts. My instincts don't always turn out to be the best but all I care is just to make my children happy and be the mother that my children think the best. 

A little bit longer about me...

  1. My memory is terrible. I don't really remember birthdays, anniversary, or other important (according to normal people) dates or things.  
  2. I can't stand small talk. For me it is just wasting my time. 
  3. I hate it when people ask me questions or ask me to do something because they don't want to learn.
  4. I love dark jokes.
  5. I am a messy person. When I try to clean up, I just let stuff pile up.
  6. Judging by my body size, obviously I love food. 
  7. Other than my husband and child, Internet is my soul mate.
  8. I think a lot and cannot sleep when good ideas overload.
  9. I am a judgmental person.
  10. I love observing people.