Seeing "signs" and significant things - Is he/she the one?

Today I feel I want to share something. Have you ever had crushed on someone? And when you have crush on someone whether you realize it or not you are REALLY trying your best to find something that your crush does as a signal to you that she also has the same feeling on you. Have you? Even the slightest action like she drinks the same type of water like you are drinking will be seen as a significant signal to you. As time passes by, you will start to hallucinate by searching any common actions and behaviours that you and your crush do to regard them as signals. Maybe you will lay in your bed, thinking and saying "Hey, I think she really likes me because too many signals she has conveyed to me. Nah, I don't think they are just coincidences." Have you been through this situation? 

That is just an opening for a broad topic that I want to share. My friend just clashed with his girlfriend. He was really down and called me to share his feelings. I am not a good person to advise or give motivation because I do not really believe in something abstract like feelings. I just listened and gave my point of views. Very rough point of views where I said "She does not want you so move on. Accept the fact that you just lost her". I know that line is not suitable to say for people who are having hard time after breaking with their love ones but that is the truth. I cannot give good motivations full of sweet words and promises to him. I just can't. I remember his saying " I thought she was the one for me because I always dream about her." Besides that,I also have a friend who also said the same thing to me. He dreamed about his girlfriend and based on some actions that she did in the dream, he strongly believed that girl would be his wife.The sad part is they have stopped seeing each other now. 

The common thing about these two friends is they are having hard times to move on since they have seen so many signs indicating their ex girlfriends would be their wives.Come on friends. I used to be like both of them. Believing in those things. Seeing "signs" and significant things that indicate she is the one. I start to lose faith in those when I watch a film about a rebel happened in France. The movie really shook me to the core. There is one character playing the role as Satan questioning the heroin about signs from God saying that the heroin is the one who can save her country.The Satan questions all the signs that the girl believes as signals from God as signs she is the one. 

Dreams, coincidences and actions that we think significant and signs from God or from whatever you believe in to show she is the one are nothing. NOTHING. We,ourselves who see them and because we want to have something to believe in so we create our own meaning. A dream is just a dream, nothing more than that. Actions from your crush like having the same drink like you, listen to your favourite songs after you introduce to her are NOTHING. Maybe she is just plain thirsty and your favourite songs are really nice.Do not take them seriously. If you want to know whether she has crushed on you, the best thing to do is ASK HER. 

People who believe in signs,dreams and many many more will have hard time to move on. Come on people,you are wasting your time just to hold back just because of those things. Those things are meaningless. You are the one who give meaning to them and you are the one will suffer next. 

You can start believe in your dreams as signs from God when you are already become saints in religion.I am lazy want to talk about that because I am not at that level. Oh,this point of view can be applied in many fields accept in religion.Religion is something deep in meaning. Laymen won't understand unless you have reached the level required. 

It is the time for me to sleep. Good night my grandchildren..bye2

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  1. Hey, actually signs of interest worked for some people. I'm not saying that it did worked on me, but yeah, the part you said that signs are nothing isn't really accurate though, for me.

    Disregard the signs from God or whatever it is you said about Satan, but the signs of interest from someone you had crushed on to has some meaning on it. People attracted to each other are mostly because they have the same interest or likes or body languages some might say.

    Let's take an example of a serbanista had a crush on this really hardcore party girl, would this girl had a crush on him too? Well, I guess if you believe in 'jodoh theory' then I'd say she would lol. But, I don't think it would work for some reasons. Also, just by acting like you have interest on him/her doesn't make them fall in love with you. That way you are faking it, and it's called hypocrite. That's why stalking or a background check is necessary at this point LOL

    Just saying though, I'm not a love expert. And yeah, your heart broken friend should have moved on by now. Quoting "There are plenty of fish in the sea" Theory might work in this topic lol.

  2. my dream comes from bisikan syaitan

    sebab tu semuanya came true


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