Emil Chronicle Online

Today I'm feeling so lucky!

Kenapa? Sebab aku jumpa banyak rare items sepanjang aku online today.

  • I've found 4 logs... which one of them costing about 20k.
  • I've found 4 monster's stamps.
  • I've seen 4 bosses... and of course i ran away as fast as I could! LOL! Because I'm only level 30!
  • I've found a white snow wolf while searching for leather (for a quest of course). I've named it as Magic Hellsing

  • I just knew that  I can buy ECO Credit buy using MOL Points... so I bought 380 ECO Points costing RM40.
  • Afterwards, I bought "Celebrity Written Recommendation" and I went to the female hair salon and restyle my hair ^_^.. the picture above is taken after I went to the salon. It only cost me 69 points. So I still have 311 points.
  • I am a big spender... hehehe.. so, I bought a locomotive!! It is super cute! I just feel like I dont want to go to work tomorrow... can I? Wahahahah...it costs 229 points..