June Bride Event Emil Chronicle Online!

Hehehe... today I am so happy because ECO Indo will be having Bride Event starting from todate until 8th July 2010.

Most people still don't understand about the event and they think it is a part of the features in Saga 8. The truth is, the wedding system does not exist as a Saga. But it’s just a seasonal event called June Bride event! It is an event where you can rent wedding outfits and get bouquets, go to church and receive a certificate of bondage. The wedding outfits will be taken back after the event (coz it is for rental only)... so those who refuse to give back the outfits will be naked after the event ..LOL!

However, you can keep the Certificate of Bondage, the furniture that goes with the event and take a lot of screenshots of the ceremony.

One of the quest in the event

Free Poster

Quest event

Don't ask me about this...I also dunno.

Certificate of Bondage

New cash shop items

Emil Chronicle Online

Today I'm feeling so lucky!

Kenapa? Sebab aku jumpa banyak rare items sepanjang aku online today.

  • I've found 4 logs... which one of them costing about 20k.
  • I've found 4 monster's stamps.
  • I've seen 4 bosses... and of course i ran away as fast as I could! LOL! Because I'm only level 30!
  • I've found a white snow wolf while searching for leather (for a quest of course). I've named it as Magic Hellsing

  • I just knew that  I can buy ECO Credit buy using MOL Points... so I bought 380 ECO Points costing RM40.
  • Afterwards, I bought "Celebrity Written Recommendation" and I went to the female hair salon and restyle my hair ^_^.. the picture above is taken after I went to the salon. It only cost me 69 points. So I still have 311 points.
  • I am a big spender... hehehe.. so, I bought a locomotive!! It is super cute! I just feel like I dont want to go to work tomorrow... can I? Wahahahah...it costs 229 points..